How to lie and still make your man feel good about it?

Published: 10th February 2009
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Dear girls,

It's all about actions. The things you do are what will either make him want to devote himself to you entirely or make him want to leave the relationship for good. This love relationship tips technique will be a guide to help you see your love relationship for a good long term success.

Top Secret No. 1: You can lie to your man but don't treat him like a stupid fool.

Girls always complained that life is unfair and always whine about why nobody loves or care for them. Despite how well a woman treats her man, he still will not appreciate her kindness. In contrast, girls who always lied to their boyfriend and husbands always get treated well and cared for in return.

Come on, this is not your man's fault! Face it girls it's due to our own stupidity. Your man does not care if you did lie to him or not. You can even use up all the household expenses to buy your Prada High Heels and still won't make your boyfriend or husband mad at you. Now how is this possible you ask?

This is how you do it. Do not treat a man like a stupid fool but you can let him feel that the lie you are giving out is very comforting to hear and he will continue to love you.

Have you heard of Edison Chen's Naughty Picture Scandal? If you have heard the whole story, have you wonder why Cecilia Cheung's husband Nicholas Tse expressed his utmost anger towards this sexual scandal issue while Gillian Chung's boyfriend stood up and supported her? Why? How can these both situations happen knowing that both girls are the victims in the scandal case?

This is because...

Gillian said that "I am too stupid and too naive" to her boyfriend. The key lies within these sorts of sentences, this will make your husband or boyfriend sympathize with you and felt that you were the real victim and this makes him more determined to protect and support you in the undergoing of this ordeal. Therefore, your man may be bothered if you lied to him or probably not, the most important factor is the comforting feeling behind your lie, better than a man to discover a lie the hard way.

Let me give you another example:

• One day, this girl invited her boyfriend's parents to a small dinner get together. One hour before dinner appointment, she had terrible stomachaches and does not attempt to force herself to attend. She then calls her boyfriend and gave an excuse that her company needs her to stay back for an urgent meeting. Unfortunately for this girl, her boyfriend and his parents meet one of her colleagues in a restaurant and found out that there was no such urgent meeting. He immediately rushed to her house and started scolding her continuously. After this incident, the girl always whines that her boyfriend continues to blame and scolds her when she is already feeling so terrible with the stomachache.

So do you girls think that this the right attitude to make your man to love you more?

Only a foolish girl will think that this incident started from her lie. What your boyfriend or husband actually cares about is that "why you don't wish to have dinner with his parents?", "Do you plan to get married with him?" You made him think you did not wish to have dinner with his parents or plan to get married with him, that you had to make an excuse to skip dinner.

The way this girl lied to her boyfriend makes him feel very disappointed and concluded that his girlfriend do not appreciate the things he has done for her all these years. Therefore, if you lie with half the effort of attitude, be expecting that your boyfriend or husband will still be heartless towards you even if you are suffering from a very terrible stomachache.

How to counter this situation properly?

If you would have added extra words such as "Sorry" in the beginning when you lied or directly informed your boyfriend and his parents that you could not attend the dinner but really wished to do so, your boyfriend will not feel so angry towards you when he found out that is all nothing but a lie. The reason behind this is because you have show respect to your boyfriend and his parents by letting them know beforehand that you could not attend the dinner, due to personal reasons as your stomachs. Without this additional action or words, your boyfriend or husband will feel very disrespected and treated like a fool by you. We don't want that, especially in front of his parents.

Let me give you another extreme example in contrast to the one above, another way of lying you can say:

• My aunt followed her friends to invest the rising stock market using her own savings at first. Unfortunately for her, she lost all and had to redirect to her children's educational funds to reinvest. After losing everything! My uncle still treated her well and did not blame her for losing all the money in her investment ventures and told her kindly that "Do not worry, we can earn the money back".

How can my uncle still continue to treat her like this after even losing all her children's educational funds?

Actually, my aunt did not tell the truth to my uncle. She told my uncle that she had to take all those money to buy an expensive watch as her father's 80th birthday present. Unfortunately, the expensive watch was robbed by a snatch thief while walking on the streets. Some people may find this a very blatant but if my aunt does tell the truth honestly, do you think that my uncle will love her, unconditionally?

No! They will quarrel continuously until they would divorce each other. You girls please do not think my uncle is so stupid to believe such a lie like this. The reason for this lie to be successful is that my aunt makes this lie to sound comforting and acceptable to my uncle, something a man would want to hear. And if the real truth is exposed, the chances of them to get back together after the quarrel are very very slim.

Above are two extreme examples of blatant lies. However using the right attitude to lie will make a serious case not sound serious while a minor lie may be a serious one if the attitude is not right. Lies that sound comforting to ears can help and restore a love relationship!

Lying is not a sin. According to studies, an average person lies about 20 times daily! If humans do not lie, then all churches and priests will go run out of business. So, if you do lie with a right attitude of course, your boyfriend or husband will still love and treat you like a princess.

In conclusion, do not let your boyfriend or husband think that your intention of lying is bad and harmful to others. Do not let your boyfriend or husband feel that they are fools to be played with easily. Men are flexible, but they will know when to stop bending once they are bent too far.

Important Note: If you do not feel comfortable and confident in expressing your lie to your boyfriend or husband, then I would suggest you to indirectly tell the truth.

Good luck!

Yours Sincerely,


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